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About Me

Mike Mills

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A lot of programmers think that being good at their job means understanding their tools and environment. While this is obviously true, most of them forget about something that is as equally important - your business. Being a programmer, to me, means becoming an expert in the industry that you represent. It allows me to fully understand not only your needs, but your customers as well.

I have 16 years of experience working as a developer. I've worked closely with owners and CEO's in a variety of different industries. If I'm not familiar with your particular industry, I will be tomorrow. I hold degrees in both Psychology and Computer Science, magna cum laude.

My Skills

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    Without a solid foundation, your website wont be able to grow as your business does. From hosting to language to database design, all of these things can have a huge impact on how well your business does.

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    A beautiful design tells the world who you are. It expresses to your customers what you are about and how you work. It's the first thing that a customer will see about you - let it be a good one.

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    Good code not only runs well, but it also saves you money down the road. Updates can be a nightmare with poorly written and organized code. No one likes spaghetti code.

Want to Chat?

Let's talk. I have a lot of experience working with both large and small companies. We can brainstorm your idea and see if we are a match. You should never rush your decision when finding a developer. You need someone that will become a part of your company and treat it with the respect that it deserves.